About us

Wir gründen in Deutschland

We see ourselves as a link between entrepreneurs and self-employed people from non-EU countries, the competent German authorities (consulates, immigration authorities, chambers, business development agencies, etc.), the NGOs that offer migration-specific start-up support and other advisory services that might be important to you. We provide you with the most important initial information for starting a company in Germany and obtaining the right residence permit. We will explain the most important institutions and authorities responsible for starting up a company in Germany, and we will identify the formal requirements for self-employment in Germany. On the basis of the type of residence permit you have, we assist you in taking the right steps for your self-employment and in preparing the necessary formalities and documents. We help you to identify the right contact and support centres that can give you tips and suggestions on your way to starting up a company. We will explain to you why the steps on the way to starting up a company are necessary and how a business plan is structured.

We work in an extended, nationwide consulting team and thus have access to a high level of specialised knowledge and experience, as well as regional local and market knowledge. If you need more in-depth advice, we will put you in touch - if this is regionally and locally possible - with competent bodies in your federal state. Have a look to see whether there is a support centre in your region.