Planning your business

Everything you need to know for planning your business

Before you officially register your company, you should plan your business venture in detail. This chapter contains information about planning your business. But before you begin, you should ask yourself the following question: Is self-employment the best way for me to work in Germany? You should only embark on the next steps if you are sure that this is the case. After that, we provide you with tips on how to write a business plan, what legal forms are possible for your self-employment and what financing options there are for your start-up phase. We also provide information on the most important authorities and institutions as well as about possible steps after start-up.

From idea to start-up

Do you have a business idea, or do you want to become self-employed? Here we show you the steps that are important for starting up.

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The business plan

The business plan is the heart of your application for the right residence permit and your business planning. Here we explain how a business plan should be structured and which questions you should answer.

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The correct legal form

You need a legal framework for your self-employment – ​​i.e. a “legal form”. But there are different legal forms. You can find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the various legal forms here.

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Financing my business

Start-up capital is often not available, and you have to find suitable financing for setting up your company. Here you will find important information about financing your self-employment.

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Authorities and institutions

Various authorities are responsible for the process of starting up your company. Don't be afraid of this “administrative jungle”. The responsibilities are clearly defined. You will find a list of the most important authorities and institutions here.

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First steps after start-up

Have you taken the step towards self-employment, or are you planning to start up in the near future? You’ll now be facing new challenges! Here, we have put together tips and suggestions for you for the first few weeks.

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