Starting a business in Germany

All you need to know about self-employment in Germany

Would you like to be self-employed in Germany and establish your own business? As it goes, anyone can be self-employed in Germany. But in addition to knowledge of the German economic system and the most important players, as well as the different forms of self-employment and the necessary professional qualifications, it is essential for you to know which residence permit you need and how you can obtain this residence permit. This applies to EU citizens as well as non-EU citizens, regardless of whether they already live in Germany or are still living abroad. We have compiled the most important information for you.

Employment in Germany

Are you considering becoming self-employed in Germany? Then we would like to give you some information about self-employment in Germany that could be important for your decision.

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Requirements for self-employment

Anyone can be self-employed in Germany. However, for some professions, either certain qualifications need to be proven to be in place, or certain legal obligations must be fulfilled.

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Visa and immigration process

Do you not yet live in Germany? Here, you can find out how to apply for your self-employment visa and which steps are required for this.

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The right residence permit

Are you already living in Germany? Here, we explain whether you can become self-employed on the residence permit you hold and which steps are required for this.

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Individuals from the EU, EEA or Switzerland

Are you from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland? Then you can start a business in Germany without any special permission. However, some regulations must still be observed. You can find out what these are here.

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