Finding inspiration

Entrepreneur portraits

The path to self-employment is as individual as each individual person. Unfortunately, as is usually the case in life, there is no magic formula! But you can learn from other entrepreneurs and be inspired by their backgrounds. That's why we've put together some stories from entrepreneurs here. They all contain experiences and insights that may also play a role in your path.

Growing beyond yourself

Entrepreneur portrait of Lydie Idel Makamdem Tchidjo

Migrants who want to support their family back home financially often face similar problems: high transfer fees and little control over whether the money is actually serving its intended purpose. Lydie Idel Makamdem Tchidjo also faced this dilemma. But instead of accepting the situation, she came up with a clever solution that she developed into a business model. In the entrepreneur portrait, she reports on how her company simplifies the financial support of relatives abroad and why Lydie Idel Makamdem Tchidjo came into her full self only as an entrepreneur.

Look for support, ask questions, persist!

Saeda Abualhawas Path to starting up a sweets shop

After some time in Germany, Saeda Abualhawa and her husband came up with the plan to open a candy store. But then many questions arose: can you just do it like that? What do you have to pay attention to? And who explains all this complicated official German to you? Saeda Abualhawa and her husband were not deterred by the many questions and sought professional support. In our entrepreneur portrait, Saeda Abualhawa reports on how her business is running now and what tips she has for prospective entrepreneurs.

Fears also form part of it

How Erika Esmeralda Hernandez de Luca made her self-employment come true

Erika Esmeralda Hernandez de Luca always wanted to start her own business, but she also struggled with fears. After all, being self-employed in a new country whose language and rules you are not yet familiar with is a particular challenge. Luckily, she has received support from her entire family – everyone is on board, from her father to her husband and daughter. She brought the idea for her self-employment with her from Mexico: the MiniBook, a flip book for immediate printing. In our entrepreneur portrait, you can learn more about Erika Esmeralda Hernandez de Luca’s path to self-employment.

A hairdresser’s salon in the centre of the city

Mahmood Khalaf‘s long-cherished dream

Mahmood Khalaf had been dreaming of having his own hairdressing salon in the middle of the city in Syria. But then the war came and, with it, the temporary end of his dream. But because Mahmood Khalaf does not let himself be distracted from his goals so easily, he persistently continued on his way to self-employment in Germany. That meant starting all over again – from the internship to the apprenticeship to the master’s degree and finally to having his own salon. In our entrepreneur portrait, he explains why he loves his job and why he still has sleepless nights sometimes.