Corporate security

Important to know for securing your business

You have been self-employed for some time and have successfully completed the start-up process. The most important basis for your company is in place. Congratulations! Even if you have managed to enter the market, there are of course, still many questions and steps. Depending on your company's industry, size and reach, it can take three or five years to become established. Basic questions and tasks arise repeatedly or become more demanding, such as bookkeeping or questions about taxes. But customer sectors also have to be frequently developed. You will find some tips on this on the following pages.


Accounting ensures that you have an overview of your income and expenses at all times and that you have your documents in order. We have compiled important information about accounting for you.

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There are direct and indirect taxes in Germany. We have listed here what these taxes are levied on, which basic regulations you have to observe and who you can ask for advice.

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Professional network

A professional network is important for your entrepreneurial future. A network helps you find new business partners, get important tips or learn about the latest trends. Plan your time and build your network.

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Business growth

Have you survived the first round and now want to expand your company? Which framework conditions should you consider, and how do you find good staff? Here, we have listed some suggestions for you.

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