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Requirements facing itinerant traders

§ 55 of the German Industrial Code (GewO) explains which self-employed occupations are considered to be itinerant trades. 

  • They mainly involve the buying and selling of goods or commercial services, for example repairs. 
  • They also include jobs in the field of entertainment, for example self-employed actors and actresses and such like.  

In order to practise an itinerant trade, you must apply for an itinerant trade card (Reisegewerbekarte) at your local regulatory agency (Ordnungsamt). This itinerant trade card is generally valid throughout Germany. However, the itinerant trade card can sometimes come with specific limitations, have an expiry date and have a number of terms and conditions. Whilst some jobs do not require an itinerant trade card, there are also jobs that you may not practise as itinerant trade occupations. You can find an overview here.

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