Notes regarding behaviour towards Corona

Information text

  • Informationen regarding COVID-19 in German and English (Sources: German: Robert Koch-Institut; English: WHO)
  • Questions and answers regarding travel restrictions and border controls in English (Source: Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Homeland)  
  • Informationen for travellers to Germany in English (Source: Foreign Office)

Flyer und PDF's

  • How can I protect myself from infection?
    PDF download in German, English and Turkish ( Source: Federal Ministry of Health)
  • Coronavirus information poster
    PDF download in German (Source: Federal Centre for Health Education)
  • Coronavirus information poster in easier language
    PDF download in German (Source: Federal Centre for Health Education)
  • Home quarantine tips
    PDF download in German (Source: Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief)


Contact persons

A list of contact persons can be found on the respective pages of your Bundesland.