Information on the developments in Schleswig-Holstein

On this page you will find information about the

  • Corona Emergency Aids and
  • Eeasing of restrictions.

Corona Emergency Aid

Applications for corona emergency aid can no longer be submitted.    

Schleswig-Holstein financing initiative: is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses with an established business model and without negative characteristics (e.g. dunning orders).
You can receive up to 2 million Euro or 750,000 Euro in the express procedure (5 banking days). To do this, you must send an informal email to your bank or directly to the financing coordinators of the SH financing initiative: oder
You must provide the following information for the express procedure:

    • Description of your financing needs and business model,
    • Your economic situation (annual financial statements, self-disclosure of the shareholders if necessary, interim figures, derivation of capital requirements, last credit decree) as well as
    • Documents on the company relationships (e.g.  organisation chart).


Projects by artists can be supported up to 500,- EURO.

Cultural and further education institutions as well as institutions of minorities and ethnic groups can apply for a one-off grant of up to 30,000 EURO. The application must be sent to:

Hotels/accommodation and catering companies/tourist accommodation companies (also private landlords in their main occupation) can get a loan between 15.000 and max. 750.000 EURO due to Corona. You can find information and documents here.

Sports clubs and sports associations can provide a subsidy of max. 25,000 EURO. Documents you can find here.

Easing of restrictions

  • General instructions for occupational safety SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 - Personal rules of hygiene and conduct are an essential part of the occupational safety standard and must be instructed and comprehensively communicated in the Company.

Contact persons

Stefanie Kohlmorgen,  
Tel.: 0431 - 300 347 16

Ludmilla Babayan,
Tel.: 0431 556-853-67

Cevahir Ünlütepe,
Projekt SOUVERÄN, Flüchtlingsrat Schleswig-Holstein e.V.
Tel.: 0431 556-853-67

Irmgard Poggemann, Jana Pecenka
Teilprojekt diffairenz
Tel.: 04312595852

Stefan Wickmann,
Teilprojekt „Mit Recht gegen Diskriminierung“
Tel.: 0431 640 890 06