Information on the developments in Bavaria

On this page you will find information about the

Corona Emergency Aid

You can apply for a bridge grant here. We will be pleased to support you if you have any questions regarding the application. Send us an e-mail or give us a phone call.

Applications for corona emergency aid can no longer be submitted.


LfA Quick loan aimed at micro and small businesses with max. 10 employees who have their registered office or business premises in Bavaria. In addition to the KfW quick loan, the LfA will launch an additional loan program:

  • You have a micro business with max.  5 employees, then you can apply for a loan up to max.  50,000 Euro - and your application may comprise max. three months sales for 2019.
  • You have a small business with max.  10 employees, then you can apply for a loan up to max.  100,000 Euro - and your application may comprise max. three months sales for 2019.

If you have applied for and received emergency aid, this will be taken into account. The quick loan is 100 percent secured by the State and, without the risk assessment by the banks, the loans can be granted quickly. The interest rate should be 3% with a term of 10 years.


LfA Guarantees

...aimed at medium-sized companies and freelancers. Guarantees (90% of the loan amount) are taken over up to max. 30 million Euro - for guarantees up to max. 500,000 Euro there is a simplified application plus procedure. Apply for a guarantee from your bank and state that you have current liquidity problems.


Universal credit aimed at commercial companies with an annual turnover of max. 500 million Euro and at freelancers. You can obtain a loan of max. 10 million Euro for investments and general resource requirements. If you cannot secure a loan of up to 4 million Euro, an 80% liability exemption is possible. You apply for the loan from your bank.  

To make the application process for exemption from liability and LfA guarantees run faster, the threshold for a simplified procedure for risk assessment has been raised from 250,000 Euro to 500,000 Euro.


Acute credit aimed at medium-sized companies. You can obtain a loan of max. 2 million Euro without having to submit a consolidation concept if your bank confirms a liquidity problem due to the Corona crisis and supports the planned measures.  


Repayment suspension and deferral

is aimed at people who have an existing LfA loan. At LfA you can suspend the repayment of your loan and defer for max. four instalments. Apply for the suspension / deferral at your bank.

The employees of the LfA funding advisory service are available to answer questions about public funding and to request information material.


Financial support for independent artists

If you have your main residence in Bavaria, you are insured under the Artists' Social Security Act or can prove that you earn your living predominantly from artistic activities, you can receive up to 1,000 euros per month for three months.

You submit your application online. You can find information here.


Information and documents for the reopening of gastronomy for beer gardens, restaurants and hotels can be found here.

Support for hygiene concepts can be found here.

Food instruction in different languages you can find here.


Information regarding the aid can be found here.

Restriction on going out: since 20 March there is a prohibition/restriction on going out, more information here (German / English / Turkish / Arabic).

Easing of restrictions

  • Here you will find a list of companies, institutions, shops and services, as well as the conditions required for re-opening.
  • A hygiene concept is mandatory for all shops. Here is a template of the IHK Nuremberg.
  • A parking concept is obligatory for shops. Here a template of the IHK Nuremberg.
  • Checklist for securing liquidity during the Corona Crisis - Securing liquidity in the Company 

  • General instructions for occupational safety SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19 - Personal rules of hygiene and conduct are an essential part of the occupational safety standard and must be instructed and comprehensively communicated in the Company.

Contact persons

Anastasiia Gasanova (Ukrainian, Russian),
IQ-MigraNet-TP XeneX
Tel.:0911-2398 66 98 

Iris Monge-Siegert (English, Spanish),
Projekt Rescuing Futures II
Tel.: 0911-2398 66 80

Lama Araban ( English, Arabic),
Projekt Rescuing Futures II
Tel.: 0911-2398 66 90

Natallia Eikermann (Russian, Bel.),
Projekt Rescuing Futures II
Tel.: 0911-2398 66 80

Kathi Marie Ulrich
Agentur für Arbeit Augsburg
Regionale Fachkräfte/ Netzwerke Zuwanderung
Tel.: 0821 3151-254