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Corona openings

Here you will find the opening steps and easing in your federal state.

Corona Aid Programs

Hardship assistance: For information on hardship assistance, click here or contact a representative in your state.

Promotion of tourism projects: is aimed at tourism organizations, the Lower Saxony members of the city tourism network "about cities" or the marketing cooperation "9 cities" in Lower Saxony and the tourism clubs and associations. The grants amount to a maximum of up to 200,000.00 € per project and the the deadline for applications is April 30 of each year.

Digitalbonus.Lower Saxony: is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in the commercial sector, the life sciences, the eHealth sector or the skilled trades, as well as small freelance planning offices. Funding is provided to companies that want to invest in their IT security and in the introduction or improvement of information and communications technology (ICT) hardware and software. Investments in video conferencing systems and technology, home office and telemedicine technology will also be eligible for funding. The funding amount must be at least 2,500 euros and a maximum of 10,000 euros.

Lower Saxony - Quick loans: Freelancers and companies with up to 10 employees who have been economically active since at least 01.10.2019 and have a place of business in Lower Saxony are eligible for funding. Funding is provided for all short-term liquidity needs, e.g. ongoing operating costs, wages and salaries, scheduled debt service and investments. Non-profit organizations in Lower Saxony also have the opportunity of taking advantage of a quick loan.

Applications for corona emergency aid can no longer be submitted.

Liquidity credit: is aimed at freelancers as well as small and medium-sized commercial companies with less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of max. 50 million Euro or an annual balance sheet total of max. 43 million Euro, which have their permanent establishment in Lower Saxony. To maintain your solvency or to buy equipment, you can apply for a loan of between 5,000 Euro and max. 50,000 Euro. The term is 10 years. The loan is interest-free for the first two years. Collateral is not required. You must submit the application online via the NBank customer portal, register there and fill out your application online. You must attach several documents to the application, which are stored in the download area. Further information can be found here.

Corona requirements



  • Here you can find Corona FAQ. 




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