On this page you will find information about the

  • Corona openings,
  • Corona Aid Programs and
  • Corona requirements

Corona openings

Here you will find the opening steps and easing in your federal state.

Corona Aid Programs

Hardship assistance: For information on hardship assistance, click here or contact a representative in your state.

Here you will find a list of support measures in your federal state.

Applications for corona emergency aid can no longer be submitted. 

Hamburg-Credit Liquidity (HKL): is aimed at small and medium-sized companies from Hamburg who can obtain a loan for operating resources of max. 250,000 Euro. The application forms will be posted online shortly.  

IFB Funding Loans for Culture and Sports: are aimed at cultural institutions and sports clubs that can obtain a loan of max. 150,000 Euro. The application forms will be posted online shortly.

Hamburg - Growth Loan: You can receive up to 500,000 Euro at an interest rate that is based on the general interest rate level. The IFB Hamburg cheapens the funds provided by the KfW Bank Group with funds from the City of Hamburg.

This is how to proceed:

1. Apply for the funding loan from your bank and agree the collateral. You can also secure the loan with a default guarantee from the Bürgschaftsgemeinschaft Hamburg (Hamburg Guarantee Association). Apply for a default guarantee together with the loan application.

2. The IFB Hamburg then checks the eligibility of your application and informs your bank.

3. If your application is approved, your bank will call up the funds and you will receive the funds.

Hamburg - Founding and succession loan (GuN): You can receive up to 250,000 Euro if your company has not existed for more than five years. The interest rate is independent of your credit rating and collateral.

This is how to proceed:

1. Submit the application for the GuN and the default guarantee of the Bürgschaftsgemeinschaft Hamburg (Hamburg Guarantee Association) to your bank.

2. The Guarantee Association will examine your guarantee application.

3. IFB Hamburg checks whether your application can be funded.

4. The form and scope of the collateral will be agreed between you, your bank and the Guarantee Association.

5. Conclude the contract with your bank and this then calls up the funds.

You can get advice from the Hamburgischen Investitions- und Förderbank ( (Hamburg Investment and Funding Bank) and your own bank.

Rentals: If you have rented an urban property, you can suspend your rental payments without interest for up to three months. Contact your landlord and then submit an informal application.

Corona requirements

  • Here you will find a list of companies, institutions, shops and services, as well as the conditions required for re-opening.
  • Here you can find the Corona requirements.
  • Here you can find Corona FAQ. 

Here (link) you can find Corona FAQ

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