Continued payment of wages for your employees in decreed quarantine

If the quarantine is officially decreed by the health authority, you (the employer) usually continue to pay wages for a maximum of six weeks. However, you can later have the money reimbursed by the responsible authorities (Infection Protection Act (IfSG) § 56, Paragraph 5).

Short-time allowance

You can apply for short-time allowance for your employees for up to 12 months. The short-time allowance is 67% (at least one child lives in the household) or 60% of the net salary.

Employees can take up mini jobs or seasonal work while receiving short-time allowance in system relevant sectors and professions without reducing the short-time allowance. However, the short-time allowance and the mini-job / seasonal work may not exceed the normal net salary.

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Home office

There is no legal entitlement. However, you as an employer can discuss and agree this with your employees. The home office option can also result from a company agreement or a collective agreement.

More details can be found here.

Protection of the employee

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, you have to assess the dangers to the safety and health of your employees and derive measures. In the case of a pandemic plan, you may have to take further measures. You can find specific information on the Homepage of the Robert Koch Institute.

Childcare services: Continued payment of wages / Reduction of overtime

Your employees can stay at home to look after their children for a short time without wage cuts. However, only if the children cannot be looked after by other people (e.g. spouse, neighbours) and this is usually limited to two to three days. Alternatively, childcare can also be ensured through time compensation (e.g. reduction of overtime) or vacation time.

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Child allowance: Emergency child allowance

You receive short-time allowance, are self-employed and currently have little or no income, have less salary due to lacking overtime or receive unemployment benefits or sick pay, then you can receive financial support through the emergency child allowance (“Emergency KiZ”). The child allowance is max.  185 Euro per month. Before submitting the application online, please check with the KiZ guide whether you meet the requirements. You can also send the application in paper form with the necessary documents to your family fund.

Special payments: tax free

You can now pay your employees special payments (including aid and grants) up to max. 1,500 Euro tax-free or benefits in kind if these special payments are made between 01.03 and 31.12.2020 in addition to wages. This is intended to provide financial recognition to employees who perform a special and essential service (e.g.  care sector, food sector).

Contact persons

A list of contact persons can be found on the respective pages of your Bundesland.